i'm karys and i'm mostly made of trash

god i love making out w girls

Anonymous asked: I'm so glad you like being called an angel cause I'm going to be honest you are seriously the most fucking beautiful person I laid eyes on and you have an amazing glow about you and ur writing makes me cry and you are just everything wonderful in the world. You and your girlfriend are beautiful together and I hope you last forever. Please keep writing and inspiring because you are truly an angel among us and I wish I knew you c:

i’m crying 
thank you

so much anxiety to drive since i fucked up and hit a car yesterday and broke the fucking mirror 

Anonymous asked: What are some key elements of "rough sex" like what do you think makes up rough sex

Consent. Nothing is more sexy, or necessary, to any sex than consent. Stuff like biting and scratching and just holding really close and like idk spanking and whatever. Dirty talk. Dominance. 

Anonymous asked: You're K.P.K correct? This isn't going to be a question, it's more of a compliment...You write like an angel and you look like one too I hope you all the best to you and your girlfriend.

i’m crying i love being called angel

Anonymous asked: yo dude i just want you to know i hella love your writing like 100% and it definitely inspires me to do some of my own on days when i just don't feel like it, which rocks bc i am happiest when i am inspired to write

ily lil flower

Anonymous asked: Idk how to tell my mum im dating a girl. She doesnt approve but im sick of keeping us a secret. Any advice plz?

My mom literally hates that I’m dating a girl like she took my girlfriend’s dog to the vet once and that was the funniest thing ever but 100% doesn’t approve of the “phase” I’m going through. So I’m no help on that front because being honest didn’t work with me.

Anonymous asked: i'm so sad and lonely tonight what do you do when you feel like shit??

usually cry until i vomit
so i’m no help on this front wow sorry
but maybe write some or draw or call somebody important